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I have not been around for sometime now and thought it time to tell you I am still here and say hello I think of all my supporters and those who support me on a daily basis. However, I have at last come to terms that Cancer is back in my life and it is here to stay. I now feel strong enough to fight it one more time. BUT have decided this will be the LAST time...No more chemo, what time is left I wish to enjoy with a head of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. VAIN? you bet I am. Much love to you all and shall now keep in touch. I promise. Dani xx P:S: Next Chemo SEPT 15th...No need to tell you I am not looking forward to it.
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I am so so so Happy to see you! I wish I could reach through this screen and give you the biggest hug and smooch on each cheek.!! I know it took lots of coming to terms with this damn disease for you to be here and I pray for the grace and inner strength you've found when it's my turn to face the monster head on. Y have so mant people who love you here, Dani. Just remember that, you're not alone. I'm the first to say it, but I know I won't be the last. When you get stronger, I hope you get to do everything you wanted and tell your Stephan that we thank him for taking such good care of you. Once more, I love you.. xoxo, Debbie
Much love is sent your way Dani. You are such a brave person, facing this, and am sure you will kick it's a$$... If nothing else, keep writing, if not on here, somewhere. You don't have to post it - just let it out!! You have a talent for it. My prayers are with you!! Dawn
Good morning and once again many thanks for all your support. I feel much better about things now and a bit like WOLFIE when he finally found inner peace. Although I believe I am no where near knocking on deaths door, knowing the end result of your fight will be fruitless, IS a hard pill to swallow (no pun intended) May I wish you all a great week-end and hope to work my way round to all of your blogs if and when I can. I love you all. Dani xx
Fight, Dani, Fight. It's never not worth it and it's never fruitless. Fight, fight, fight. You can do this. Hugs, Jill
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July 3, 2010


January 16, 2010

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Breast Cancer

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Metastic Breast Cancer

November 28, 2008

Stage 4



Losing my strength and I am angry at how weak I now feel.

That it touches everyone,young and old.

Keep searching for a cure. Its out there...

For me there is only Chemo.

Side effects of some are harsh. They are all we have.

Stomach and Colon

Support and Love, they are giving me both.

Every treatment ,just think this is one less.

Everyone is different and this blog helps a LOT.

Two major surgery within six months.

Chemo burnt a hole in my colon, so needed more surgery

No radiation.


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