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Hi again, Let me thank you all for the warm welcome you have given me following my introductory blog. For the first time, I have read most of the support that is being circulated in this forum. In addition to the information that is shared amongst you all, the most important thing that I see is the warmth that is radiated from each one of you is a help and therapy that professional medics lack. The human care plays a major role in accepting the inevitable and manage to deal with it adequately. I also would like to mention the invisible support that is given by the direct partner/family/relation is paramount. Like myself, there are many who are standing like pillars with their support, care, and warmth towards each one of you. I thank you with all my heart for being there when needed. With my deepest love and support to Dani. Stephan
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What a nice post. I agree totally, I have learned far more from patients, friends, and family menbers on this site than the doctors. This is a safe haven. By the way I was diagnosed with the exact cancer as Dani in 2004 and given 6 months to live. During treatment they found it wasn't actually in my lungs so they changed the stage to 3B. I am now in full remission, for today. Prayers and positive thought do wonders. But...I have learned that just because they have MD before their name doesn't mean they have powers to foresee the future. Peace, Sharron
I havn't been here long but I have known Dani from day one. She has been by my side from day one and I miss her though I cannot hear her. There is a special warmth that I feel comes directly from her heart. Please give her my love. Debbie
Hi Stephan, No wonder Dani loves you so much, and you her. I can see what a powerful team the two of you have formed. Cancer is hard on families, as you said, and family members need support and information. This blog is a remarkable website. Like many others,I am so grateful for the wisdom and insight I have received from others. All any of us can do is continue to pass it around. Be well. Please give Dani hugs and kisses from me. Andrea
You sound like a wonderful team and I am so glad that Dani has you in her life. Dani became a very special friend through this blog and I really miss her posts and her comments she always left me. I am hoping that she gets better soon. Please feel free to write and keep us informed on her progress and be sure to send her my love. We miss her, but I totally understand what she's going through and the space she needs right now. Hugs! Vero
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July 3, 2010


January 16, 2010

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Breast Cancer

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Metastic Breast Cancer

November 28, 2008

Stage 4



Losing my strength and I am angry at how weak I now feel.

That it touches everyone,young and old.

Keep searching for a cure. Its out there...

For me there is only Chemo.

Side effects of some are harsh. They are all we have.

Stomach and Colon

Support and Love, they are giving me both.

Every treatment ,just think this is one less.

Everyone is different and this blog helps a LOT.

Two major surgery within six months.

Chemo burnt a hole in my colon, so needed more surgery

No radiation.


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