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Hi everyone… I’d like to introduce myself… I’m Stephan, the “only” husband of Dani who you already know. There is so much that I can tell, but all this takes time, which is one thing that I lack . Let me start with an incident that seems unique. Living in Spain has its good and bad points. Among the good points is that I have managed to cajole professionals into helping me. Dani being in need of care and attention, what.. with her chemo therapy that is hell to handle, every bit of helping hand we get is more than greatly appreciated. I was told that “Marihuana” is the best remedy to alleviate the sickness after the chemo. Living in Spain, and not being a user, I found it rather impossible to get hold of the stuff. So, I mentioned this to our Oncologist, and at the same time to a close friend who is a member of the Police Force (Guardia Civil), and they both are out looking to supply me with the stuff. The crux of this story is… When you cajole your way, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve… Stephan.
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Hi Stephan, feels like I kind of know you. what I do know is that Dani is so very lucky to have you there for and I'm sure you feel the same way about her. Our caretakers deserve so much credit for every little thing they do. So, thank you. Funny, I asked my kids to look out for some pot for me during my chemo (illegal here) and I guess I was proud that none of them could (LOL). Please keep us informed and tell Dani I'm sending a kiss on the cheek for every time she lifted my spirits. I have come to love her. Debbie
Dear Stephan, What a treat to see your post. Dani worries about you, and how much you worry about her. She is a remarkable woman with a giving heart. I don't know enough about medical marijuana to make recommendations. As others have already said, it's legal in Colorado, and also in California. You can find helpful references for each state on a Google search. Dani adores you. Please give her hugs and kisses from me. Andrea
Hi Stephan, Thank you for the post, although my heart dropped when I saw the first line on the main page. I agree with the above, please come post here anytime - and keep us updated on Dani. I can't help with any info for the legal/not legal supply, but I hope your "friends" can help. You both are in my thoughts and prayers, take care. -Kathy
Hi Stephan--Thanks for posting...Please give Dani a big hug from me for all the times that she has made me smile. I think of her often and pray that she is doing good. Take care, Rachel
Stephen, Welcome to our world of cancer. You are so respected and loved for being so special to Dani. I think good things happen to good people and wish you the best in your new project. Thanks for letting us know how things are going. Peace, Sharron
Hi Stepahn, welcome to BFAC. I hope that you will be able to find what Dani needs for her pain. Please keep us informed, take care, lots of prayers, Eli
Stephen, Welcome! You are a very thoughtful husband to come on this board to let us know how she is doing. As for the Marijuan, I have used it to treat the Neorapathy that I have in my hand and feet since my chemo. Not often, but sometimes it is the only thing that gives me releif. It is illegal here but I have a friend who has a friend who has a friend, who is able to get it for me. My son was inn high school when I needed it and I came so close to asking him to see if he could get his hands on it, but I just couldn't do it, not after all the talks we had about it. But it all works out the way it is meant to me. Hope Dani is feeling better soon. Kathy
Hi Stephan, First, welcome to the boards and it is good to hear news of Dani. She is a sweet spirit and we all are holding her close in our hearts. And bless you for your care and love; as a cancer fighter myself I will tell you that the kind of deep, unwavering support that you give to Dani can make all the difference in this battle. As a legal medical marijuana user here in California, I will try to give you my experience. Since at this point I am a single mom of a teenage boy still at home (although I have daughters 38 and 33 yrs. old), I only use the MM at night. I am still able to (and want to) function as highly as possible during the day, because of my son. But, if my pain or anxiety was worse than it is, I would not hesitate to use additional medicine. Of course, there is NO driving or making important decisions while under the influence of this or any other strong medications that alter perception. I use a vaporizer to intake the MM. I would highly recommend a vaporizer if, after trying the medication and finding that it is effective, Dani would need/want to continue it's use. The vaporizer allows for more release of THC (the active ingredient) from the substance so a smaller quantity is needed, and most importantly, it avoids adding the carcinogens that are released from the burning of the marijuana (just like cigarettes) when smoking. Obviously we need as few additional carcinogens in our system as possible. If you do purchase a vaporizer, you want to read about them carefully. Some are made cheaply with glues that can be quite noxious when the device is heated, so avoid those completely. You can purchase a good vaporizer for around $160-$200 US dollars, As far as relief, I would consider it a moderate pain reliever. Although it will certainly take the edge off, I would not consider it to be my sole "go to" medication if I were in severe pain. My experience has been that the reduction in anxiety, when used in a safe, secure, and loving environment, is a large part of the mind and body's ability to "release" pain using MM. Lastly, I would caution you to start slowly to see how she tolerates it. Occasionally, a person will have feelings of paranoia, especially if it is used where the culture has not yet accepted the significant benefits of the medication and it remains illegal. I wish both you and Dani the best. Namaste, Cynthia
Stephan - I wish you luck in your endeavors. Anything to make Dani more comfortable!! She was the very first person to befriend me on this site so she is defintely in my heart. My prayers to you and to her while you battle together!!
Stephen, I am so glad that you are on here while Dani is unable too. We will all be supporting you as you care for and meet Dani's needs. I will be praying you both find the right alternatives and medications to help with the pain. I do not know if the doctors have mentioned fentynal pain patches to you guys. This is ideally for people that have either been on opiates for a long time or are intolerant to opiates. The patches deliver a continuous amount of pain medication to our bodies through transdermal application. I have a friend that lives in Spain also and she has access to this so I know it is available, just a thought as it helps to not have to take one more pill or if she is not able to keep food/medication down. If you need some support I can put you in touch with my friend. She is a native, but has lived all over the world and fluent in five or six languages:) Melinda
Lucky you,cops get the best pot!
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