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Dani is in Hospital

I promised Dani I would update her blog for her. We had a slight problem on Wednesday with the Via it seemed it was out of place and some of the treatment seeped into Danis skin. I had to take Dani to hospital yesterday with a very high fever her blood pressure is also very high which is unusual for Dani. There is some concern as the treatment as you know can damage the heart even bring on a heart attack. On the good news front Danis markers are down so not all doom and gloom. Oncologist has also arranged for a PET TAC to see why Dani is in so much pain. We both send our very good wishes to you all and Dani will be in touch when she returns home, very soon I hope. Stephan
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Nothing else can possibly be put on your beautiful wife. It's just been enough. Please tell Dani I've asked others here for prayers, some that she has not yet met. Together we need to be strong. Bless you too, sweetheart. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you. Thank you so much for the news. Now we must think positive thoughts, that's what Dani would do. xoxo, Debbie
Special prayers to Dani for a speedy return home. Thank you Stephan for informing the family. This must have been a scary time for you Stephan, as well as for Dani, but she is a strong lady and things will go well for her. Please give her our regards, love, and support. Blessings to you and family.
Stephan, Please give Dani a hug from me, and much love. She is wonderful and deserves the best. I send good vibes and kind thoughts (I know how Dani feels about prayer). Andrea
Thinking about you girl. Hope you get better and come home soon. Rest up! Much love coming your way.
Thinking about you Dani, Rachel
Hugs to both of you. In the States there is this thing called an Army of Women. They are working on ideas to help those with breast cancer, find a cure or have better treatments. They were founded just two years ago. I thought you and Dani would feel better knowing there is a group dedicated to helping women and making it better, doing predictions, etc. We will fight this...my friends.
Sending lots of prayers, please keep us posted, lots of love, Eli
My prayers are with Dani at this time - she is such a strong willed person, she will be fine. Please give her big hugs and kiss from all her friends on this site.
Due to the chemotherapy seeping into Dani's skin her reaction has been the worst I have seen. I am very afraid for her but have been assured all will be fine.I thank you all and am in much need of your support at this time. Stephan
I'm glad I checked back for an update, Stephan. I keep thinking about beautiful Dani lying in the hospital in bucolic southern Spain. I wish much strength for both of you. Dani's body has undergone enormous assault, but she rallies. Your love for her gives her great will to continue. I send my love to you both. Andrea
Stephan, Thank you for posting. I'm so sorry to hear about Dani's difficulties and hope she's now doing well and the doctors were able to solve the problem with the leakage. I'll continue to send warm thoughts and well wishes. Hang tough...the both of you. Jill
Hi, I hope Dani will be home by the week-end .I would like to say to every single one of you, you have helped me through the last few days and you give me hope. Sometimes I lose my hope and think we are not going to make it and then I come here. The house is so empty without her. Stephan
Prayers to you both. Daniel is such a wonderful, caring and giving person. She will beat this.
Thinking of Dani! Please give her our special hugs and well wishes. Get well soon Dani! Prayers and hugs to you and Dani!
Dear Dani and Stephan, I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you both and wishing you both well. Please know that you're not forgotten, and we look forward to hearing an update when you are up to it. Hugs and love, Danean
Dearest Gail, How can I thank you for all your support and love you are showing to us all here on this blog. I have not been in touch because the chemo has made me very tired . I have another session on Wednesday and have yet to recover from the last one. I am fine and hanging on in there. Please do not worry I am not beaten yet. Much love to you Gail, you are one amazing lady I feel so lucky to have you there for me. Dani xx
Hey baby! I heard that you were with us in spirit today..we spoke of our love for you. We enjoyed Italian soup and bread and salad. I think Andrea ate enough for both of you! I hope you feel well today. Hi to Stephan too. xoxo, Debbie
Hello everyone, Chemo tomorrow then one more to go. I need to thank each and everyone of you for keeing my spirits high. I love you and am glad to have met each and everyone of you.I hope once all this is behind me I will have the strength to start posting again and send my support to all those who support me. I may not post much these days but never doubt you are always in my thoughts. Message for Dimsie. Yes I heard about GA and the book being overturned. Free speech is everyones right and no one can take that away from us. Thank goodness someone came to their senses. Almost four years of blogging about the rights of one small child made it all worth while. Bless you Dimsie. Take care my dearest friends You to Finney I hope your leg is much improved and you can once again dance the tango. Warmest regards Dani xxxxxx
Hello Helen and good morning to you all. Chemo yesterday so feel bad today and am going to spend it in bed. Much love to you all and thanks for thinking of me. Much,much love Dani xx
Hello Dimsie and Helen, I am exhausted and thats the truth. I have one more chemo to go and thats it never ever again. Much love to you both and everyone who includes me in their prayers. Bless you all. Dani xx
Dani, I'm sorry the chemo is leaving you feeling so bad; thank goodness you just have one more to go. I don't know if you feel up to visiting the Madeleine forums these days, but there's a lot of love and prayers for you back at the Missing Madeleine forum, so don't be thinking we've forgotten about you. All the best. Dimsie
Keep going Dani xx Still thinking of you and anyone who is fighting this dreadful disease. another hug oxx
Hope you're doing ok, Dani, and have got over the worst of the effects of your last chemo. Wish you didn't have to go through all this - so very unfair. :( Lots of love Dimsie
Hello Dimsie ,Helen and everyone I am through the last chemo and doing OK. Many many thanks for all your support. I love you all so much. Thank-you xxxx Dani
Dani, really glad to hear you're doing ok and the chemo is now behind you. I don't need to tell you to keep on fighting, I know you do that anyway, so I'll just say get plenty of rest and let Stephan spoil you - I bet he probably does that already. You're lucky to have such a lovely husband! Lots of love Dimsie
Still thinking of you Dani. Wishing you a lovely Christmas and every good wish for your good health in the New Year. Hugs xooo
Happy Birthday soon dear Dani. HUGS and well wishes.
Oh Danielle, I'm so sorry that it took a message from BFAC to remember to get together with you! How have the latest round of treatments been doing for you? You need to know I love you bunches... xoxo, Debbie
I hope you have a wonderful birthday and you are able to do something that you love. I have had you on my mind a lot, I wonder often how you are doing. I hope God is giving you some peace in your life. I have finished all of my treatment and they tell me that my cancer is gone. In my mind I guess it will always be hiding in a corner somewhere, waiting for me to forget about it. Trying to work through all of that... Have a peaceful birthday, I am sending love and prayers. Kristie
I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope that you will feel better and enjoy your special day. Lots of Love and Hugs...always thinking of you. Take Care
Still thinking of you Dani and wishing you well xxoxx
Dani and Stephan, I hope Dani is back home and her pain is GONE--or eased at least. Stephan, what a great guy you are to keep us posted so we can send punches, hugs, and more prayer your way!!! Carol
Much love and thoughts going to you, Dani.
Sending you good thoughts and prayers! Get better soon!
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Round 4 and the Many friends who are on My Side

I have been blogging now for three and a half years, in this time I have blogged for a cause that not only I but many of my fellow bloggers are fighting for, JUSTICE. In England there has been a great INJUSTICE toward a little girl of three years old. The little girl died and those involved have never been brought to trial. Recently due to circumstances, my fellow bloggers, who I include as my friends have discovered I have cancer. I cannot begin to tell you the outpouring of love that has now been posted on forums and well wishers praying for my speedy recovery. I have thanked them with words, but the words do not seem enough. I know they are good people, anyone who cares so much about this one child and who have fought to see those responsible brought to trial sometimes amazes even me. Wednesday I have my fourth session of chemo. I am concerned becuse the pain in the area where the cancer is now living is rather painful and I have had to resort to taking morphine. I am strong but the pain is becoming constant and yes I am concerned that possibly the chemo is not working. I had a blood test last treatment but will not have the results until Wednesday, this blood test was a 'BIG ONE' whatever that means. I am also very worried about my dear friend Chati, you may remember I told you about her, we were diagnosed around the same time...Chati is suffering and has constant bone pain...she cries because she cannot even look after her seven year old daughter. Chati and I have the same Oncologist and I will ask for advice about her on Wednesday to see if there is someway I can help . I send my love and prayers to each and everyone of you. Take care Dani xxxx
Vero threw a punch at your cancer.
Kathy sent you a prayer.
4 people sent you a hug.
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And I send my love and prayer and fight back to you. I too am having some pain in my ribs and worry that this chemo drug isn't work. But my pain is easing and it wasn't so bad that I had to take morphine although I do have the prescription at the ready. I pray for you. I pray that God will ease your pain, as He did for me when I prayed. God bless you and keep you. Love Hugs and Kisses from San Antonio, Texas, USA
Hello Missangeep, I guess the problem is also this time it is different, before the cancer was removed and I had chemo...this time the Cancer is there , inside me, they cannot operate. I feel like I am a shiny red apple on the outside but inside the rot of a bruised apple is eating away at me. I wish, hope and pray for you also and all the warriors on this forum.
Many thanks Gail Dani xx
Hi Dani, I will keep praying for you and I will pray for Chati as well. I'm sorry to hear about the pain, I hope that it will go away or at least ease up some, take care of yourself and get plenty of rest, lots of hugs and prayers, Eli
Dani You have always remained in my prayers. I pray for every member on this forum. I pray the Lord will enable researchers to find a cure for this horrid and evil disease. May the Good Lord send his host of angels to surround you and provide constant protection and care. God bless you and all the other dear members who visit this wonderful site.
hi love. if you can send me a photo, here's my email: ssaaty21236 @ hotmail. I already told you how I feel about you, you were so sweet to me when I came here, always the first or one of the first people to reach out to me. You have been a comfort to many and a great advocate for every person in need of any kind of support. Thanks for laughing at my jokes. You help to keep my ego intact! You are beautiful. I pray your pain will ease, that the chemo will not take away your spirit. xoxo, Debbie
Dani, Hugs and big PRAYERS right back at you! I am sorry that the pain feels worse and you are having to take morphine. I got myself off ALL pain meds last year in November and I was so proud of myself. But let me tell you I was not able to walk more than a few feet without horrible pain, I could not stand up straight, and I could not sit like a normal human being without making a horrible face of pain. My oncologist was really upset with me as my fear was being dependent on the morphine. He kept telling me that the only way our bodies can heal is if there is a decrease in money. Please take the meds and try not to put negative thoughts in your mind that the treatment is not working! Every time you think a negative thought tell yourself three positive things that will help you fight the negative thoughts. You are so kind to be worried about your friend that is dealing with pain. Melinda
Dani, you proove once again what I think all of us here suspected already: you are a very special, brave, caring human being. Fighting for other people's rights takes courage and energy. Even with cancer you still keep up having those. I am so sorry about the pain. I don't know the details, but I can surely give you the advise that works for me. Heat. Really. I have electric heating pads, hot water bottles, warmers, and disposable heating pads. Those new ones with the rocks that activate with air and give warmth for up to 8 or 12 hours work great. I peel them off and apply them to the areas where I'm in most pain, and they really help out in combination with the pain killers. Hope your friend gets relief also. Best of wishes, sending you lots of positive energy. Hugs! Vero
I was so glad to see that you are blogging again, I think about you a lot and send love and prayers. Know that I am sending hugs, I hope you can feel the warmth from all of us. Kristie
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Losing my strength and I am angry at how weak I now feel.

That it touches everyone,young and old.

Keep searching for a cure. Its out there...

For me there is only Chemo.

Side effects of some are harsh. They are all we have.

Stomach and Colon

Support and Love, they are giving me both.

Every treatment ,just think this is one less.

Everyone is different and this blog helps a LOT.

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